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Escort of individuals

You fly to a city abroad, and you need local interpreter for accompanying you all over the route, starting from the airport or hotel. Of course, a lot of things depend on duration, program and purposes of visit. As it will be escort of individual, besides interpretation qualification, personal compatibility between individual business tourist and the interpreter accompanying you is very important.
To choose the interpreter, a lot of things depend on the program planned. To what extent this interpreter will suit you at private foreign trip is possible to see according to CV, in particular, by the themes of interpreting specified by the interpreter. In certain cases additional specifying questions can be necessary.
If you are going to visit shops, restaurants, beaches, beauty salons or other places for rest and entertainment, the interpreter has to be sociable party-goer who knows shops, restaurants, and other haunts of vice well. Usually guide-interpreters know them well as they initially specialize on showing guests the places which should be visited by all means. If you are going to visit sports constructions or a hippodrome, you’d better choose the interpreter who is interested in the same sports, as you, and is able to give some additional information besides the interpretation. If the interpreter specified in the CV that he interprets “Sports”, probably, he is just theinterpreter you need. But it is always better to check.
If your individual program includes generally visiting of the museums, it is better to choose the interpreter who is interested in history, art, technics and is able to act not only as ordinary interpreter, but also as the guide to the most interesting noteworthy places. The local guide-interpreter or the interpreter who has specified “Art” as one of subjects for interpretation will suit you best for such a trip.
Anyway, it is important to decide and discuss with the interpreter the schedule of his work in advance: whether he has to accompany you 24 hours a day minus time for sleep and rest or you plan to use interpretation service only occasionally for several hours a day (for example, for the interpretation of important business meetings or excursions to noteworthy places).

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