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Interpretation at a seminar or conference

You are going to participate in a seminar or conference abroad.
And working language of conference, let us say, English, Arabic or French.
And you don’t know any of them well enough to do without interpretation service.


First variant:
you fly to a seminar or conference as audience, and you need interpreter.
You aren’t going to make report from a tribune and throughout all the conference you sit and listen in a hall,
so the invited interpreter will interpret only for you (unless you wish to ask a question or make a small remark from your place).


Not to disturb other participants of a seminar or conference, Interpreter will whisper the translation quietly in your ear.It is a certain kind of whisper interpreting.
Second variant: you fly to a seminar or conference as one of speakers who have some time for report.
The invited interpreter, as in the first variant, most part of a seminar or conference will whisper the translation quietly in your ear.

But in this case the most responsible moment is the interpretation of your speech for all the audience in the hall. Depending on the size of the room, acoustics and number of participants, it can be performance from a tribune with use of a microphone or simply loud voice without any technical means.
During the interpretation the interpreter usually stands near for not only to hear each word told by you well, but also to have an opportunity to ask something again if necessary. It is ideal when there are microphones. Even if the room is not very big. Then neither you, nor the interpreter should force your voice. And audience will hear everything equally well even in the last row.

Strong consecutive interpreter will be suitable for the successful interpretation of a seminar or conference. Weaker and less skilled interpreter will need much more time for interpretation. And time at conferences is usually not enough.

It will be very difficult for simultaneous interpreter who seldom uses consecutive interpretation to memorise and interpret big extracts from memory.
Anyway, successful interpretation at the seminar or conference, especially on any highly specialized subjects, is, as a rule, impossible without good knowledge of the corresponding subject and terms in two languages. If the subject is unfamiliar for the interpreter, he will need more days to get ready.
Appearance of the interpreter is also very important when interpretation is made from tribune. Here is much in common with Interpretation of presentations.