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Interpretation at celebrations

You fly to the city abroad to celebrations or business partners’, friends’, etc. festive event – and you need local interpreter who will help you to participate in planned celebration.

Such events, where you need help of personal interpreter, can be very different: City Day, company anniversary, corporate party, New year, wedding, etc. Type of interpreting and corresponding skills, necessary for the interpreter, will differ a little depending on format and venue of festive event or celebration (company office, theater, restaurant, recreation area), number of invited guests, level of officiality and your role at the event, whether you present as ordinary participant or as one of special guests.
At escorting and interpreting at festive event, besides brisk and live interpretation, not of less importance is interpreter’s skill to communicate, ability to behave in official situation, smartness, presentable appearance, moderate use of alcoholic beverages.
From purely interpretation skills, ability to interpret solemn speeches, jokes and anecdotes, knowledge of everyday language, proverbs and sayings can be useful.
If you are going to make a long official speech at the event, it is desirable to give the full text to the interpreter in advance (in 1-2 days), for information and preparation. And it is even better to take care of translating the text of your speech into a foreign language.
If you don’t have prepared text of your speech, if possible, try to let the interpreter know what you are going to speak about, and discuss those words and expressions which can cause additional difficulty during spontaneous interpretation. While choosing the interpreter, from the very beginning it is desirable to find out whether he happened to interpret at such events before, as well as to discuss with interpreter the program planned and the part which he will have in it.

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