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Interpretation of a phone conversation

As means of communication are improving and communication lines’ quality gets higher, interpretation by phone becomes more and more demanded interpretation service.
Let’s say you go to a foreign city, and you are to have a phone conversation (for example, from hotel, meeting room of business center, cafe, etc.). And you need the local interpreter.
What is necessary to consider while choosing the interpreter for phone talk interpretation? First of all, modern means of communication allow us to make a remote telephone interpretation. For this purpose it is possible to use teleconference mode with simultaneous dialing of several subscribers to certain number. In this case all three (the subscriber 1, the subscriber 2 and the interpreter) can be in three different places. The total cost of communication services for such remote negotiations lasting one hour can be rather high.
Another variant – usual Hands free on any stationary modern telephone set, modern mobile phone or smartphone. In this case, the interpreter is near you, interprets in turn to both parties, if necessary asks again, etc. The main requirements to the interpreter at interpretation of a phone conversation:
For the interpretation of a phone conversation both simultaneous, and consecutive interpreter will be good. Everything depends on a certain situation and on the way how to organize interpretation process. It is desirable to discuss with the interpreter in advance what and how he has to interpret, tell him subject and purpose of phone call. It will allow him to interpret with more sense.
Anyway it is necessary to approach seriously to choosing interpreter for a phone talk interpretation. He has to be strong interpreter able to understand and interpret correctly what was told on the other end of the line, even in conditions of poor audibility or by sentence fragments.
When interpreter is asked to arrive specially in due time to office, hotel or business center for interpreting of phone conversation, it is necessary to consider that the called subscriber can be out (he can be at an urgent meeting, etc.). In this case planned telephone negotiations won’t take place. In order to avoid similar problems it is desirable to coordinate with the subscriber in advance time of a call and approximate duration of conversation. Also it is necessary to consider that in case of not simultaneous, but consecutive interpretation, you will need more time.