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Interpretation at press conferences

You take part in press conference to answer questions of foreign journalists. Interpretation at press conferences – one of the most responsible and intensive types of interpretation which demands great concentration and attentiveness from the interpreter.

The interpretation at press conferences has much in common with interview interpretation, but with difference that press conference takes place in more official atmosphere, and questions are asked not by one-two, but by a large number of representatives of mass media at once. And, unlike interview interpretation, questions are practically never coordinated in advance with respondent and can be asked spontaneously by anyone who is present at press conference.
For interpetation at press conferences the skilled interpreter is usually invited, who has skills of both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. To only simultaneous interpreter it will be rather difficult to interpret from memory long and confused speeches during press conference.
The interpreter has to be trim, behave confidently, be very exact when interpreting. If he hasn’t understood part of the answer, it is better to ask again once more, than fantasize and give out wrong interpretation.

It is desirable if possible, to inform the interpreter in advance about subject of press conference and those questions which can be mentioned. Then the interpreter will be able to prepare better for the interpretation, and his interpretation will be more certain and qualitative. If there is a prepared text of communique or press release, it is desirable to show them to the interpreter before press conference. And it is even better – to charge beforehand the professional translator to translate these texts in written form into foreign language. The written list of all participants of press conference in both languages will be big help for the interpreter.